Why Us?

Our Mission

YourHIPAATraining’s mission is ease the regulatory burden of HIPAA compliance for businesses of all sizes. We believe that all businesses, not just huge healthcare conglomerates, deserve accurate up-to-date HIPAA compliance training, guidance, and tools.

Our Promise

We've seen all the misinformation that the typical business has to wade through to get to the truth. It is astounding how generally inaccurate the unofficial HIPAA guidance is all around the net. Due to the nature of the HIPAA laws and regulations, it is impossible to absolutely guarantee compliance. Anyone who tells you differently is lying and trying to sell you something. However, here at YHT, we understand that our single most important responsibility to you is the accuracy of our guidance. If our guidance is inaccurate or out-of-date, the entire purposes of this training is moot.

Our promise to you is that our information will be as accurate as possible. There is no opinion in our guidance, there are only facts and analysis. That is our central commitment to you.