Frequently Asked Questions

We’re committed to providing the user-friendly, easy-to-follow and comprehensive HIPAA Compliance Training experience your practice needs to reach and maintain full compliance. If you have any questions about or its use, please check the list of Frequently Asked Questions below.
What separates from other HIPAA training options?
Don’t you think hiring an in-person HIPAA trainer will result in better comprehension?
Do I have to download a program in order to use your training?
I want a better understanding of the practice’s HIPAA compliance obligations and/or what the SPO will have to do. Can I (or other employees) take Safety and Privacy Officer Certification Training, too?
I have a (Mac / tablet / etc.). What operating systems will YourHIPAATraining work on?
How much time do I need to have employees set aside for training? Can they start training one day and finish it the next?
What if I (or my employees) need help using the Training Modules or the website?
What if we have further questions about HIPAA compliance?
I see that YourHIPAATraining was created by CEDR HR Solutions. What else does your company do?
What if I don't see my question on here? What should I do?