Employee Training

Your entire workforce, including volunteers and interns, must be trained to comply with HIPAA regulations. It is the office's responsibility to make sure this happens. The Employee Training is designed to efficiently cover the required topics. No wasted time. No silly games. Just what they need to know. Upon completion.

The Employee Course covers:

Basic HIPAA terminology
What the Security and/or Privacy oficer(s) do
The purpose and general goal of HIPAA
The purpose and general goal of HIPAA
Identification of Protected Health Information (PHI)
The purpose and general goal of HIPAA
Disclosures for treatment, payment, and healthcare operations
Disclosures requiring only informal consent
Incidential disclosures
What "reasonable safeguards" are
Minimum necessary standard
The purpose and general goal of HIPAA
When Authorizations are required
The purpose and general goal of HIPAA
Recognizing and responding to breaches
Employee responsibilities reguarding malicious software
Password management
Recognizing and reporting electronic security incidents
Notice of Privacy Practices
Employee sanctions
The purpose and general goal of HIPAA

Security and/or Privacy Officer(SPO) Training

The SPO Courses covers everything not included in the Employee Course. While the Employee Course covers all the information a typical team member would need to know, the SPO Course is designed for you, or the employee in charge of HIPAA compliance. An employee who successfully completes the SPO course is prepared to tackle any HIPAA compliance problem your office may have.

The SPO Course provides in-depth training coveringtopics such as:

Advanced HIPAA terminology
Administrative requirements
Internal uses and disclosure of PHI
Disclosure of PHI to the patient or their representatives
Disclosures of PHI to others
Breach recognition, response, and mitigation
Non-compliance penalties
Electronic security overview
Risk Analysis and Assessment
Controlling access
Data Integrity
Physical safeguards
Contingency and disaster planning

Membership also gives you access to an ever-growing list of HIPAA related forms and letters for all your HIPAA related needs.. Also included are sample business associate agreements and office policies. Our forms, letter, and samples, all come with instructions for how to use and customize them for your situation or office.

Access to our Knowledge Base is included as well. It contains over one hundred frequently asked question about HIPAA and HIPAA compliance. If you have a HIPAA related question, check our Knowledge Base. Each question features a direct-as-possible answer and links to additional information both within YHT and in official government guidance.

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