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My name is Nathan Massey, YourHIPAATraining CEO. I'd like to welcome you to the new YourHIPAATraining. YHT has delivered on-demand HIPAA training to thousands of CEDR HR Solutions members across the country. Now, we're expanding and evolving. Over the coming weeks, YHT will be transformed into a full office compliance solution. We already provide training to employees, but now we're becoming a one-stop-shop for HIPAA compliance. I can't say that we can wave a wand and make you compliant, but our programs will provide all the necessary tools and training.

There are many new features and materials to help you stay on top of HIPAA compliance. These new features will be phased in over the next few weeks. I apologize in advance for any downtimes; if they are necessary, we will make every effort to limit them to outside of normal business hours. You may also find the odd bug here or there; please bear with us as the upgrades add a lot of features and content to the site.

I'd like to take this opportunity to talk about some of these new features:

1. The Knowledge Base

Right now, the Knowledge Base is where you'll find all the forms and other materials we provide. Once it is complete, there will be more than 100 common HIPAA related questions and direct answers, all cross-referenced with the other materials on the site.

2. Website Design

This is the most obvious upgrade. We hope you enjoy the new design. We've tried to make everything as intuitive as possible, without significantly changing the workflow for our current members. As the weeks move on, the website will look better and better.

3. HIPAA Blog

Our new HIPAA Blog is your go-to for in-depth features on specific aspects of HIPAA compliance and HIPAA news. Sign-up above to receive new blog posts directly in your inbox.

4. Improved advanced training

We've redone our advanced training videos to focus more on what the government will focus on during a compliance review. Our new videos for Breaches and Privacy rules are out now, and our new series of six (electronic) Security videos are coming soon.

5. SPO designation (COMING SOON)

Designating a Security and Privacy Officer (SPOs) for your office is a legal requirement of HIPAA, we have made designating and changing the SPOs a whole lot easier. We have also made designating the default employee to receive copies of certificates of completion.

6. Annual Training Reminders (COMING SOON)

We have also added annual reminders for yearly refresher training. Keeping HIPAA in your team's mind will reduce the chances of breaches or violations.

7. New Planbook and Policy Samples (COMING SOON)

We completely reworked the Planbook to focus more on what matters to the government. We've also written a series of sample policies for office policies that are required by the rule.

There are many more features to come, but the above features will be phased in over the 2-3 weeks. We are doing this WITHOUT A PRICE INCREASE, even though YHT membership is about to get a whole lot more valuable. The program continues to be free for CEDR HR Solutions Center members and we've introduced a 30-day free trial. I know I speak for everyone here when I say that we hope these upgrades will help give you peace of mind and help you focus on your patients, clients, or customers.

Thank you,

Nathan Massey